Weekend drug bust illustrates presence of other drugs in county

Sheriff Lee Becker admits meth is not the only drug abused in Marion County.

On Monday, Sept. 25, the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, Marion Police Department, Peabody Police Department, Hillsboro Police Department, Kansas Highway Patrol and Hillsboro K-9 unit worked together to uncover a marijuana production house on South Coble in Marion.

“We found plants growing, drying and packaged for sale,” Becker said.

On Sunday, Oct. 9, Deputy Jeff Soyez and Peabody Police Chief Jeff Pohlman were investigating a marijuana growing operation at 110th St. and Nighthawk.

Several males were found to be harvesting plants. Suspects fled the scene on foot. Law enforcement from all jurisdictions, as well as personnel from the Army Corps of Engineers and Kansas Wildlife & Parks responded and quickly set up a perimeter around the mile section of Mustang and Nighthawk, 110th Street and 120th.

The Kansas Highway Patrol assisted with a helicopter search team, a fixed-wing aircraft team with forward looking infrared features for night vision, and a K-9 tracking team.

One Peabody man, Richard A. Litton, was taken into custody and held at the Marion County Jail.

Other suspects were identified and more arrests are anticipated.

“We have unique things for investigations,” said Becker, “and we are using them. Things are happening.”

“We need you to watch and let us know what is going on out there,” Keyes said. “Call us.”

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