Partly Nonsense

KSNW Channel 3 from Wichita showed a baseball playoff game during the first presidential debate last week and received just six complaints.

Does this mean nobody cares or does it mean there are enough other channels for people to see what they need to see?

* * *

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, as the old saying goes. But what if you’re sick and need a doctor?

* * *

It’s hard to make any comment about the so-called KU-KSU rivalry. What rivalry? No one wearing purple even got excited that they won.

KU got drilled again and I wish I had had some novocaine.

One thing is worth mentioning, though. K-State will have to win every game until I’m 85 years old just to even the series with the Jayhawks.

* * *

I wonder how many young married couples started out with a mobile home as their first or second residence. We did and just about everyone I know did too.

They were new, affordable and the furniture and appliances came with it.

Ours really ticked me off, though. The faucets were made of plastic and kept stripping out on the valve stems. Finding replacements was always a pain.

One really frigid winter day, the kitchen drain plugged up. I thought I could blow out what was stopping it by stuffing the garden hose down one side of the sink and then stopping up the other drain with towels.

I hooked the hose to the washer hookup in the back of the trailer and then told Nancy to open it up full force.

At first things seemed to be moving, then, suddenly, it sounded like it was raining. What happened was that the water didn’t open the drain, but shot up the vent pipe to the roof and was blowing water out the top.

We had icicles hanging off the sides for a while. And the drain worked again when the line thawed out.

* * *

It’s been said that everyone lives at their own level of poverty. Earn more, spend more.

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