Partly Nonsense

From where we stand, this year’s edition of the Arts & Crafts Fair was a gem. From the vast corps of volunteers to the weather, how could you top it?

And it was said that one vendor who had never been here before had sold more by noon here than he ever had at any two-day event anywhere.

You’ll never hear me making any suggestions for improvements to our dynamite group of women who put their heart and soul into this midwestern art fair miracle.

* * *

The fair was a good thing even in the beginning. A college roommate of mine and I brought our leather goods to one of the early fairs in the late sixties. We called our stuff Dead Steer Creations and made enough money to make our heads spin.

He has since gone on to become an attorney, a state representative and an executive director of a state oil producers association.

And you know where I am. Give me a hide and I could still whip out a purse, watchband or belt. But then I’d probably have to let my hair grow long to get in the mood.

* * *

It’s a good idea to work eight hours and sleep eight hours, but not the same eight hours.

* * *

The above phrase was on the wall at the Hill Crest Motel when Tim and Ruby Kuo owned it. I presume it was some type of Chinese proverb.

I thought about this now because 15 years ago this month I went to Taipei, Taiwan, with Timothy and his Chinese Trading Company partner, Fred Hanley of Wichita. The purpose of the trip was a trade mission of sorts and I was representing the Hillsboro Development Corporation. This was because a friend of Timothy’s from Taipei had been in Hillsboro to invest in our industrial park and I was to go to their country to see what they were about.

We toured much of the country, visiting factories and points of interest. The food was very different, but interesting. I’m glad I didn’t know what some of it was at the time.

I’ll never forget the day we went to church with Timothy in downtown Taipei and we were introduced. They said some things in Chinese and everybody laughed a lot. I still don’t know what they said.

* * *

I wonder how much money the state, counties and cities have saved on mowing costs this summer due to the lack of rain. I have to think it would be a lot of money.

Would the money they didn’t spend be put away for an extra wet year or does it get spent elsewhere?

* * *

We’ve seen that it can cool off, now let’s watch it rain buckets again.

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