Partly Nonsense

This guy goes in to see the doctor and says, “No one will talk to me.”

And the doc says, “Next.”

* * *

We hear a lot of loose talk about what to do with the surplus in Washington. What surplus?

Our country is trillions of dollars in debt, yet our presidential candidates are talking about what to do with all of the extra money that is projected to come in for the next ten years.

All they can think of is how would they spend it or how would they give it back in the form of a tax reduction.

If there is any extra money, it is because tax collections have provided more revenue than presently needed under the current budget.

I say pay off the debt and save the billions and billions of dollars paid out in interest on the national debt each year.

* * *

Wouldn’t it be something if small businesses could be run like the federal government? When or if you run out of money, sell some treasury bills and pay interest on them. But when the interest comes due, you don’t have to come up with the money. Just sell more treasury bills to pay the interest on the last set of debt. It’s endless money that you don’t have.

It is said that the cold war with Russia ended because they ran out of money they didn’t have before we ran out of money we didn’t have.

* * *

The other morning when I was having bananas on my Grape Nuts, it dawned on me why monkeys are always eating bananas. I think it’s because bananas taste so good.

* * *

International espionage has always intrigued me. On National Public Radio, I learned short-wave radio stations are set up to broadcast exclusively to one person somewhere out there in world. This is contrary to the notion that radio stations are trying to broadcast to mass audiences.

These stations that broadcast to agents “out there” have no music or conversation. They read number after number which are in some form of code to pass on information to the agent carrying on clandestine activities for different governments throughout the world. Fascinating.

* * *

I was trying to remember my first day of high school the other day, but couldn’t come up with anything specific.

The one thought that does come back, though, was that we city boys were somewhat intimidated by the farm boys who had cars to drive and we didn’t.

I thought it gave them an advantage with impressing the girls.

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