EDITORIAL: Can’t stand the heat?

Who knew August would be such a bear? Since Aug. 9, we’ve had only two days when the temperature did not reach or pass 100 degrees. More than once in recent days we’ve thanked the Almighty for an indoor job in an air conditioned building. We know not everyone is so fortunate. But it’s hard to care.

We believe it was Mark Twain who said, “Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it.” It’s hard not to feel helpless when the high temperatures evaporate our determination and energy like thin mist. But in these desperate days, we could try something to get the heavens send us rain.

Organize city-wide car wash.

Water every lawn in town.

Hang our laundry on clothesline outside.

Park our vehicles on the street and leave the windows rolled down.

Organize an outdoor wedding.

Start reshingling our houses.

Maybe if we did them all. At one time. Everybody. Maybe then rain and relief would come our way.

If worse comes to worse, we could pray. Of course we know that’s the place to start. In our heat-driven delirium we almost forgot.

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