Partly Nonsense

Why does 101 degrees feel so much hotter than 99?

* * *

I’ll bet this heat was great for the crew resurfacing U.S. Highway 77 between Burns and Florence last week.

It is quite a sight to see when they heat up the surface with several huge gas burners mounted on semi trailers and aimed at the roadway. The last machine grinds up the soft asphalt and then it is laid back down all in one operation.

Presto, a brand new road.

* * *

If everyone would wash their vehicles this week and do an extra good job of it, I bet it would bring a meaningful rain. At least it always rains when I wash mine.

* * *

Mistakes in this business always make me cringe. No matter how hard we try to keep them out, errors inevitably creep into the Free Press.

Recently, a mistake gave us positive feedback on the effectiveness of our classified ads. I received a call from a very nice older woman who said we had mistakenly put her phone number in one of our classifieds. Now she was being bombarded with calls for something she didn’t have.

She even said that some of the callers were not believing it was a wrong number and were questioning why she said she didn’t have the item they were looking for.

If we were a daily newspaper, we could fix it the next day, but in this case it will take a week to correct it.

We do take our mistakes seriously.

* * *

You heard it here first. It will probably freeze in September this year.

According to Kirby Rector, who has been tracking the purple martins living at his house, the martins have left town earlier than normal this year. For the past 12 years he has kept track of their movements and when this has happened, we have had frost in September.

* * *

Cooler nights mean that fall and football are just around the corner.

And all eyes will be on the Tabor Bluejays, who are picked to finish out of the cellar this year in the KCAC. That sounds like a small compliment, but I think the future looks bright for the Bluejays.

* * *

I played football one year at Bethel College and I don’t regret doing it, for I learned several valuable lessons.

Don’t try to knock down guys that weigh 300 pounds when you weigh only 165. Don’t tackle the fullback head-on helmet to helmet. And don’t leave your hands on the ground so that linemen can step on them with their cleats.

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