Partly Nonsense

We had a great time meeting many of you at our booth in the commercial building at the Marion County Fair. Boy howdy, was it hot! I think our forefathers who started the fair 70 years ago had a reason for holding the event in October.

One of the most frequently asked questions from folks stopping by our booth was: “How can the Free Press be free?”

The answer is quite simple. It is advertising revenue alone that brings you this newspaper each week. The ads keep you informed as to where it is best to spend your money for the things you need and saves you time by finding the goods and services that are the closest to you.

When you buy from our advertisers, you make their businesses viable and healthy, which in turn makes it possible for them to advertise their goods and services in the Free Press. Any business that prospers, regardless of where it is located in the county, is good for everyone in the county.

And if you don’t have a business, you can help make the Free Press free, too, by placing your classified ads and advertisements of your organization’s events in the Free Press.

Our idea for a free newspaper is not new. It’s just a new concept in rural America that breaks rank with the traditional subscriber-based publications.

Our advertisers need the numbers and we’re giving them that option.

* * *

Our niece, Whitney, from Los Angeles, was in town last week to visit. We took her to Meisinger’s Corn Maze near the reservoir and had a fun time. You can still go through Labor Day weekend.

Throughout the maze are facts about corn, such as: “Did you know there are approximately 72,800 kernels of corn in a bushel?”

I think Mark and Sara should receive some type of an award for making something unique out of something as ordinary as a corn field.

* * *

I took a close look at my phone bill this past week and was shocked to learn that the taxes and surcharges are nearly as much as the bill for the basic service itself.

I then called the toll free number that explains all of these things and was not impressed with why we have all of these charges either.

* * *

If AT&T had to pay full price for long distance, I bet they wouldn’t be calling me every other day. Changing one’s long distance carrier isn’t as easy as they make it sound, especially when there are multiple lines involved.

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