REAL ESTATE FOCUS: Contractor Do’s & Don’ts

To avoid many of the problems that can arise in the course of building a new home, local contractors offer the following suggestions so your “dream home” never becomes a nightmare:

— DO…communicate with the contractor throughout the process and get involved.

— DO…find a contractor who is licensed and bonded.

— DO…talk to recent customers of the contractor you’re interested in.

— DO…approach the project realistically.

— DO…have the necessary financing in order before you begin the project.

— DO…use a local contractor.

— DO…talk to more than one contractor before you make a commitment to one.

— DON’T…necessarily go with the lowest bidder; make sure the contractor has a reputation for quality work.

— DON’T…make changes or additions without keeping track of the cost.

— DON’T…expect the perfect house.

— DON’T…take for granted your ideas or suggestions will be carried out; follow up as needed.

— DON’T…look for a contractor at the last minute. Start looking six months to two years before you want to start building.

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