Partly Nonsense

I sometimes get a message that I am “communicating at an unknown rate” when dialing up the Internet. On the surface, that sounds somewhat exciting.

But it’s not. We are stuck with very slow Internet connections in Hillsboro.

Some new options are being discussed around town-like wireless and fiber optics-but nothing is ready to go or ready to be divulged in print.

* * *

Have you ever noticed while driving around in the country and also in town, that hardly any utility poles-or other poles, signs or anything else that is pounded, drilled or staked in the ground-is straight up and down?

I hope this doesn’t drive you crazy like it does me. Take a look next time you’re driving around and you’ll see what I mean.

Maybe the poles are straight when they are first put in, but then Mother Nature takes over and bends them every which way.

* * *

Got a video just recently of the grandsons in action. The 3-month-old pretty much lays on his back, but displays a tremendous amount of jerking arms and legs, along with lots of grinning and squealing sounds.

The 2 1/2-year-old, on the other hand, yells things like, “You’re making me nervous!”

I’ll bet he’s heard that before when he’s getting too wild near his little brother.

Living 900 miles away is the pits, but videotape eases it a bit.

* * *

I played in a golf tournament recently where, if I had wagered $3, I would have won $57. But that still probably wouldn’t have covered all the times I did wager and lost.

* * *

The Marion County Fair is just around the corner. Whatever happened to the Hillsboro car caravans that used to travel from town to town in the county promoting the upcoming fair?

I think it was organized by a group called the Booster Club, which was made up of local businessmen who volunteered their time and cars. They would honk their horns when we drove into a town and we kids would then hang up posters touting the fair’s events, etc.

A kid never forgets that kind of stuff when the rewards were a couple of soda pops along the way.

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