New pharmacy worker achieves a life goal with degree from KU

Gina Edwards, recent member of the Greenhaw Pharmacy staff, reached one of her life goals when she recently completed her doctor of pharmacy degree at the University of Kansas.

Edwards has worked in pharmacies since she graduated from high school.

“I just decided one day I needed to do it,” she said. “I realized I had what it takes to be a pharmacist.”

She said going back to school was a hard decision because her son, Jacob, was two at the time and her husband, Shawn, also was going to school.

Edwards started school in North Carolina, where she completed her pre-pharmacy courses, then came to Kansas.

Edwards and her husband both were from Kansas and knew they wanted to move back eventually.

She began talking to Lou Greenhaw, owner of Greenhaw Pharmacy, in February and decided she wanted to come to Hillsboro.

“It was just a multiple of things-the hours, the size of the town,” she said about her decision.

She also liked that they were up front in the pharmacy, where they had more access to the patients and could help them with health-related questions.

“Pharmacies are more patient-oriented now, instead of just being back behind the counter,” Edwards said.

She and her husband also felt Hillsboro was a good place to raise their son.

“With a young child, we wanted a community that was close-knit,” she said.

She started at Greenhaw Pharmacy in May.

“I really enjoy it,” she said. “You don’t feel really stressed here.”

Before going back to school, Edwards worked as a pharmacy technician. Her job included counting medications and waiting on patients.

She worked for a pharmacy in Dodge City, where she graduated from high school. Then she worked for the army as a pharmacy technician in California and North Carolina and with the Office of Veterans Affairs in Leavenworth.

“One of my goals is to eventually own my own store,” she said.

She also hopes to become certified in some disease managements.

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