LETTERS: Peabody mayor: Vote for Becker and Wetta

We, the people of Marion County, have a good county and a lot of good people. Now more than ever before, we have leaders of the county wanting to work together for the common good. I believe the following people, if elected, will continue that goal.

In the race for county sheriff, my support goes to Lee Becker. He is a professional and has done a good job in the short time he has been sheriff. He communicates well with the police departments and has encouraged cooperation. He does not put down others to further his own cause and will not do so if elected sheriff. He goes about his business in a deliberate manner and is willing to handle the tough jobs.

Lee is a former high school student of mine. If I would have been asked when he was in high school, or maybe shortly thereafter, whether I would have supported him in an election for sheriff, I would have said no. He is now a professional and I can say without reservation that Lee is the best person for the job.

Lee, I thank you for your commitment to us and keep up the good work.

In the race for county commissioner from District 3, my support goes to Leroy Wetta. Leroy is honest, smart and will do a good job not only for District 3, but all of Marion County.

Leroy will approach problems with the goal of doing what is right for the county. He will listen to people from all sides of an issue and consider all sides. Leroy will work to keep communications open and will welcome input.

Leroy has a unique background. He has a good understanding of the farm community, coming from his many years working as manager of the Peabody branch of Farmers Grain Coop. He has lived in Peabody for many years and understands many city issues. He will encourage open communication between the county and cities.

I do not agree with Leroy on all issues, but I respect him and know he will listen to what I have to say and even ask me why I disagree with him.

Leroy, thank you for wanting to serve the citizens of Marion County and I look forward to having you as a county commissioner.

We all are lucky and all have the opportunity to express ourselves. Everyone please vote at the Aug. 1 primary. Your vote does count.

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