ELECTION 2000: County Commission, District 3

Jack Bruner, Burns

— Personal: Age 76; wife, Evelyn; four grown children; lived in Marion County for 17 years.

— Work history: Chemical engineer, 45 years; oil refinery manager, 10 years; project manager for Bechtel Corp., 20 years; manufacturer, 17 years.

— Experience-related qualifications: (1) Four years as commissioner, Marion County. (2) Eleven years as mayor of Burns. (3) Bachelor degree from K-State in chemical engineering, 44 years of experience in major industries.

— Goals & issues: (1) Continued improvement of the operation of Marion County. (2) Continued improvement of the infrastructure of Marion County. (3) Continued improvement and economic development of Marion County.

— “Why should I vote for you?” (1) My record of improvement of the infrastructure and of equipment purchasing policies in the county. (2) My commitment to work for the benefit of all citizens of Marion County. (3) My commitment to seek the best methods of handling solid waste in the county in accordance with the Marion County Solid Waste Management Plan.

— New landfill in Marion County? We must conform to the Marion County Solid Waste Management Plan.

Leroy Wetta, Peabody

— Personal: Age 58; wife, Linda; two grown sons; lived in Marion County for 27 years.

— Work history: Computer repair, four years; accounting, three years; management trainee, 18 months; manager of farmer’s cooperative, 24 years; production supervisor, 18 months; grocery associate, 18 months.

— Experience-related qualifications: (1) My ability to respond to the needs and problems of people, providing the service they require. (2) My ability to perform and succeed within the boundaries of a budget by getting the most out of available resources. (3) My ability to adjust to changing situations by gathering and evaluating information and options in an unbiased manner.

— Goals & issues: (1) Reestablish positive communication and trust within the county in order to promote cooperation and progress. (2) Promote effective and efficient use of county funds, particularly in the area of road maintenance. (3) Use a studied and deliberate approach to doing county business to ensure that the long-term interests of the county are served.

— “Why should I vote for you?” (1) My reputation for honesty and integrity has been built over 27 years of residence and business operation in Marion County. (2) I have a solid understanding of both business and agriculture in Marion County, as well as at the state and national levels. (3) I am seeking this office with no personal agenda in mind other than bringing an open, above-board, and questioning attitude to county business.

— New landfill in Marion County? Undecided.

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