City Council Recap

The following is a summary of the issues discussed and decisions made at the July 18 regular meeting of the Hillsboro City Council. Those present were Mayor Delores Dalke, and council members Leonard Coryea, Wendell Dirks, Mike Padgett and Clariece Schroeder. The council:

— was presented with the first draft of the 2001 city budget. The mil levy for the budget is similar to last year and shows an increase in property valuation.

The proposed mil levy for 2001 is 39.714. This year the mil levy was set at 39.665.

In order to keep the mil levy below last year’s, Mayor Dalke recommended taking money out of the special highway fund to pay some of the salaries in the street department.

At this point, the largest single increase in expenses is in the police fund.

The council approved an ordinance for the increase in taxes levied in 2001 needed to finance public services.

— received information about the municipal swimming pool. As of June 30, the pool had generated an income of $14,652 and expenses totaled $13,959.

— was informed about the sale of a lot in Hillsboro Heights to Nicholas Navrat of Newton. Navrat purchased the lot south of the Country Haven Inn. He plans to build a three-screen movie theater on the lot.

— decided to pay Ray and Viola Lohrentz half of the construction and removal costs, equaling $2,550, for the portion of the retaining wall built on the city right-of-way at 404 Briarwood Lane in Carriage Hills.

— approved reassigning Channel 45 to Hillsboro High School. The city will no longer be involved with the channel once the change is made and the city’s contract with Eric Clark will be cancelled.

— approved paying Progress Payment No. 2 to Mid-States Energy Works in the amount of $15,750 for work on the city’s electrical substation.

— was informed about a project to connect the water main across the railroad tracks on North Washington with the post office in order to improve the low water pressure some.

— received bids from Jantz Construction and Bartel Construction for repair work on the hanger at the airport. The council requested clarification on Jantz’s bid and wanted completion dates and agreed-upon penalties included in both bids.

— approved sending city employees Brent McInnis and Joe Alvarez Jr. to a water and wastewater operators school.

— decided to use paint to stripe D Street. The council will look into different qualities of paint for future projects.

— received estimates for repairing the alleys between Main and Ash and between Washington and Main from Grand to First. The cost for the first alley was estimated at $125,000 and $111,000 for the second alley.

— adopted a resolution on nuisances. Changes are being completed on the ordinance amending the city code on procedures for abatement of dangerous structures and nuisances.

— approved a resolution stating the City of Hillsboro may not rent city equipment to private individuals for private use. This complies with the attorney general’s opinion.

— was given an update on the progress of finding a city administrator. Nineteen applications have been received. The Kansas League of Municipalities, which is gathering the names, will narrow down the applications to those who meet the city’s criteria and then will send on the names to the city to arrange for interviews.

— reappointed Kyle Cederberg to the Zoning Appeals Board and appointed Maura Wiebe to the Library Board.

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