Candidates determined with passing of filing deadline

With the deadline for filing for elective office now passed, the

following is a list of the candidates who have filed and the offices

they seek for 2000. A primary election will be held Aug. 1 in cases

where more than one candidate has filed from the same party for the

same office. Incumbents are listed in boldface type.

U.S. House of Representatives

First District

Jerry Moran (Rep.), Hays

Fourth District

Todd Tiahrt (Rep.), Goddard

Carlos Nolla (Dem.), Wichita

State Senate

35th District

Jay Scott Emler (Rep.) Lindsborg.

Don Steffes (Rep.) McPherson.

Diana Dierks (Dem.) Ramona.

17th District

James A. Barnett (Rep.), Emporia.

Carissa McKenzie (Rep.), Alta Vista

Harry Stephens (Dem.), Emporia

State House of Representatives

70th District

Don Dahl (Rep.), Hillsboro

Harty Bennett (Dem.), Marion

County Commission

District 2

Daniel Holub (Rep.), Marion

Eileen Sieger (Rep.), Marion

Howard Collett (Dem.), Marion

Bill Holdeman (Dem.), Marion

District 3

Jack R. Bruner (Rep.), Burns

Leroy A. Wetta (Rep.), Peabody

County Attorney

Daniel L. Baldwin (Rep.), Marion

Susan C. Robson (Rep.), Marion

County Clerk

Carol A. Maggard (Rep.), Marion

County Treasurer

Jeanine Bateman (Rep.), Marion

Register of Deeds

Faye A. Makovec (Rep.), Marion

County Sheriff

Lee M. Becker (Rep.), Lincolnville

Johnny Sanko (Rep.), Marion

Roy Houdyshell (Dem.), Lincolnville

Rural Townships

Blaine. Trustee: Donald L. Beisel, Tampa. Treasurer: Kristine Srajer,

Tampa. Precincts: None.

Catlin. Trustee: None. Treasurer: None. Precincts: None.

Centre. Trustee: Jon W. Thole, Marion. Treasurer: Raymond Kraus,

Marion. Precinct committeeman, Cyrus H. Goertz (Rep.), Marion; Walter

E. Norman (Dem.), Marion. Committeewoman: L. Dena Goertz (Rep.),

Marion; Pauline Marie King (Dem.), Marion.

Clark. Trustee: None. Treasurer: Edward P. Vinduska, Marion.

Committeeman: Don Stenzel (Rep.), Marion. Committeewoman: Kathy Silhan

(Rep.), Marion.

Clear Creek. Trustee: Sherry Kohman, Marion. Treasurer: Marcus

Carlson, Lincolnville. Committeeman: Ronnie Carlson (Rep.),

Lincolnville; Roy Houdyshell (Dem.), Lincolnville. Committeewoman:

Susan Carlson (Rep.), Lincolnville; Judy Houdyshell (Dem.),


Colfax. Trustee: None. Treasurer: None. Committeeman: Gary Spohn

(Rep.) Tampa; Warren Fike (Dem.), Ramona. Committeewoman: Carole Spohn

(Rep.), Tampa; Paula Fike (Dem.), Ramona.

Doyle. Trustee: None. Treasurer: none. Committeewoman: Alice Hayes

(Dem.), Florence.

Durham Park. Trustee. Glennon Crowther, Durham. Treasurer: Reinhold

Winter, Durham. Committeewoman: Geneva Stacy (Dem.), Durham.

East Branch. Trustee: None. Treasurer: None. Precinct: None.

Fairplay. Trustee: Charles D. DeForest, Florence. Treasurer: Clifford

Hett, Peabody. Committeewoman: Betty J. Williams (Rep.), Florence.

Gale. Trustee: Garry Vogel, Marion. Treasurer: Marvin E. Meisinger,

Marion. Committeeman: Vernon L. Vogel (Rep.), Marion. Committeewoman:

Madelyn Vogel (Rep.), Marion.

Lost Springs. Trustee: None. Treasurer: None. Committeeman: William

Novak (Rep.), Lost Springs. Committeewoman: Dollye Novak (Rep.), Lost


Menno. Trustee: Merle Selzer, Hillsboro. Treasurer: None.

Committeeman: Merle Selzer (Rep.); Loren K. Hiebert (Dem.).

Committeewoman: Lois Selzer (Rep.), Vicki J. Hiebert (Dem).

Milton. Trustee: None. Treasurer: None. Committeman: Jack Bruner

(Rep.), Burns. Committeewoman: Eveyln R. Bruner (Rep.), Burns.

Moore. Trustee: None. Treasurer: None. Committeeman: Dorman C. Becker

(Rep.), Durham. Committeewoman: Mary Helen Becker (Rep.), Durham.

Peabody. Trustee: None. Treasurer: None. Precinct: None.

Risley. Trustee: Lauren Enns, Hillsboro. Treasurer: Paul D. Penner,

Hillsboro. Precinct: None.

Summit. Trustee: None. Treasurer: None. Committeeman: Arthur Wedel

(Rep.), Peabody. Committeewoman (Rep.), Jana Wedel, Peabody.

West Branch. Trustee: Verney L. Voth, Goessel. Treasurer: Dwight R.

Schmidt, Goessel. Committeeman: Theodore Nikkel (Rep.), Goessel;

Ronald W. Hatchett (Dem.), Goessel. Committeewoman: Joan C. Nikkel

(Rep.), Goessel; Marnette Hatchett (Dem.), Goessel.

Wilson. Trustee: None. Treasurer: None. Precinct: None.

City precincts

Marion North. Committeeman: Roger W. Hannaford (Rep.); Christopher G.

Costello (Dem.). Comnmitteewoman: Bettie L. Batt (Rep.); Janet Bryant


Marion South. Committeeman: James W. Crofoot (Rep.); Edward J.

Costello (Dem.). Committeewoman: Anita F. Brookens (Rep.); Mary K.

Costello (Dem.).

Hillsboro First. Committeeman: Mike B. Meisinger (Rep.).

Committeewoman: Carol E. Wiebe (Rep.).

Hillsboro Second. Committeeman: Don Ratzlaff (Rep.); Paul G. Jantzen

(Dem.). Committeewoman: Marilyn Ratzlaff (Rep.); Elaine Jantzen


Florence First. Committeeman: Randy Mills (Rep.). Committeewoman: Judy

Mills (Rep.).

Florence Second. Committeeman: Edwin H. Robinson (Rep.).

Committeewoman: Beverly S. Baldwin (Rep.).

Peabody East. Committeeman: Lee E. Rempel (Rep.). Committeewoman:

Arlene J. Rempel (Rep.).

Peabody West.

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