Goessel Goal Getters Goat Group to exhibit animals at Bethesda

Goessel Goal Getters Goat Group (5G) members are inviting the public

to visit them and their animals at the Bethesda Farm Frolic, from noon

to 2 p.m., Friday, June 16.

The 5G 4-H members are celebrating National Dairy Goat Awareness Week

(June 10-17) by letting others have a ?hands-on? experience during a

supervised petting and feeding session at the south interior Bethesda

parking lot, Main Street, Goessel.

5G members Grady Stultz, Cameron Stultz, Emma Rath and Kris Rath

shared their 4-H goats and other animals at The Cedars Nursing Home in

McPherson, May 20, for their ?Down on the Farm? event.

?I really like sharing my animals because it makes people smile,? said

Cameron Stultz, 8. ?They (Cedar?s residents) probably never met such

friendly goats before.?

Goessel Goat Group members also participated in several dairy goat

shows in May and June 2000.

At the McPherson Mid-Kansas Caprine Classic, May 13, 5G members earned

several top honors.

In showmanship, Lucinda Goossen, 18, won first place in the senior

division with her goat, Fireball. Cameron Stultz, 8, and Mayflower

were first in the junior division and Grady Stultz, 10, and Koco Puff

were second. In PeeWee Showmanship Keenan Stultz, 3, was second with


A new class at the McPherson show this year was a fitting and showing

competition in which four team members work together to clean, clip

and show a previously unprepared goat.

Two teams from Goessel participated, winning second and third. A boys?

team of Alex Goossen, Grady Stultz, Daniel Huxman, and Cameron Stultz,

won second and the girls? team of Lucinda Goossen, Ashley Ensz,

Rebecca Huxman and Carmelita Goossen won third.

Top placings in other McPherson classes included: champion junior

Nubian kid, Timothy Huxman with Maisy; second place Alpine dam and

daughter, Alex Goossen with Vesta and Nebula; first place dry Alpine

yearling, Cameron Stultz with Mayflower; first place intermediate

Alpine kid, Grady Stultz and Marciella; first place recorded grade

yearling in milk, Cameron Stultz and Mud Blossom; second place

recorded grade yearling doe in milk, Ashley Ensz with Lace; second

place recorded grade 3-5-year-old in milk, Grady Stultz with Koco

Puff; fourth place Nubian kid, Carmelita Goossen with Lovely-Beau;

first place dry Nubian yearling, Lucinda Goossen with Shedaisy.

On Saturday, June 10, 5G members Ashley Ensz, Alex, Lucinda, and

Carmelita Goossen, traveled to Emporia for the Lyons County 4-H Dairy

Goat Show.

Some of their best placings included: first place purple, Ashley Ensz

in Intermediate Showmanship with Lace; third and fourth blues in

Senior Showmanship, Alex and Lucinda Goossen, respectively, with

Nebula and Fireball; first place dam and daughter, Alex Goossen with

Vesta and Nebula; second place dam and daughter, Ashley Ensz with Lace

and Bows; third place dam and daughter, Lucinda Goossen with Fireball

and Shedaisy; first place Nubian dry yearling, Lucinda Goossen with

Shedaisy; and purple Nubian ki

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