Funk ends 35-year tour of duty

After working for 35 years as superintendent of buildings and grounds

at Tabor College, Marvin Funk decided it was time to retire.

During his years at Tabor, Funk has seen many changes, including the

addition of several new buildings.

When he started, the campus had four main buildings and several

dormitories. The number of main buildings has since doubled and

additions have been made to several of the existing and new


With the increase in buildings, he also witnessed an increase in

staff. From an original staff of three full-time workers plus

students, the department has grown to six full-time workers plus


One by-product of the changes has been less contact with students.

?I feel I don?t know the students as well as I used to,? he said.

Funk was originally hired by Tabor to work with the electrical,

plumbing, heating and air conditioning. He did this until 1977, when

he began his current assignment as superintendent.

During that same year, Funk and his wife, Elfrieda, moved from their

farm near Goessel into Hillsboro because he did not have the time to

farm and work at Tabor.

?It?s a neat place to work?the atmosphere and the people,? he said.

?It is a good Christian atmosphere.?

The job provided him with new challenges almost every day. During the

summer, he would oversee special projects. During the school year, his

primary tasks were to make minor repairs, write work orders and set up

for the myriad of activities held on campus.

?The staff is responsible for a variety of things,? Funk said.

He is grateful for the good and responsible staff he was able to work

with during his tenure. It made his job much easier.

?I enjoyed my work,? Funk said. ?Of course, there were challenges.?

He said day-to-day decisions were challenging because he couldn?t

please everybody all of the time.

For the record, this is not the first time Funk has retired from


?I retired three years ago and came back to help with the

(construction of the) science building,? Funk said.

When that project was completed, he was still looking for part-time

work and let the college know he was available.

Working on the new science building was one of Funk?s most enjoyable

projects. He helped in various ways, from recruiting volunteers to

doing some of the construction work.

?It?s nice seeing a building like that come together,? he said.

He stayed on part time at first? although he said it was more like

full time. But when the person who had replaced him as superintendent

of buildings and grounds died, Funk stepped back into the position.

?But now I?m ready to retire,? Funk said. ?Elfrieda and I have so many

things we want to do.?

The list includes traveling and working on their house. Their

community involvements include the Lions Club, and they plan to start

a Leo?s Club, which is a Lions Club for youth.

?I will miss working with the people here at Tabor,? Funk said. ?It

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