Farmers should notify FSA if dropping CRP

The U.S. Department of Agriculture will be allowing an additional 2.5

million acres of environmentally sensitive farmland into the

Conservational Reserve Program (CRP) as a result of accepted offers

from the 20th signup period held in January.

The CRP encourages farmers and ranchers to voluntarily adopt long-term

conservation practices.

The CRP is an effective approach to improving the enviroment using

partnership. Producers receive 10- to 15-year contracts that provide

them with annual rental payments and cost share assistance.

This announcement increases the total U.S. enrollment in the CRP to

about 33.5 million acres as of October 2000.

Thirty-two of 39 Marion County producer CRP offers were accepted that

were submitted during the 20th signup period. This permits 1,509 acres

to be idled from customary crop production and be devoted to permanent

conservation practices for a 10-year rental term.

The average annual rental payment rate is $41 per acre.

All CRP offers submitted for consideration were evaluated as to how

well they address certain cost and enviromental benefit factors.

Accepted CRP producers have 30 days from the date of their

notification letter to withdraw from the program if they so desire.

Monetary liquidated damage penalties shall apply in these cases.

Otherwise, accepted applications should contact the county Farm

Service Agency office in Marion by calling 316-382-3714 to confirm

their intentions to join the CRP on their intened offered acreage.

Producers will then develop specific conservation plans with Natural

Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) personnel who outline the

schedule for installing and maintaining the proper and necessary

conservation measures and practices over the CRP term.

Rejected CRP offers made under the 20th signup may attempt to

re-enroll in future signups as they are announced or apply under the

continuous CRP program.

Because there is great emphasis on enhancing wildlife covers and

offering the most enviromentally fragile lands, potential applicants

should carefully weigh all their options before deciding which

acreages and what kind of CRP offer to submit. ?Farm

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