19 from county earn Bethel honors

Nineteen students from Marion County were recognized for their

academic performance during the spring semester at Bethel College.

The following qualified for the dean?s list, which requires a

grade-point average between 3.7 and 4.0:

Yvette Peters, freshman, Goessel; Amanda Voth, freshman, Goessel;

Krista Abrahams, sophomore, Goessel; Spencer Goertz-Giffen, sophomore,

Hillsboro; Ruth Harder, junior, Hillsboro; Joni Johnson, junior,

Hillsboro; Pamela Nickel, junior, Goessel; Rachel Janzen, senior,

Marion; Carrie Penner, senior, Hillsboro; Jason Peters, senior,

Goessel; Annaken Toews, senior, Goessel; and Kristi Unruh, senior,


The following students qualified for the honor roll, which requires a

GPA of 3.5 to 3.699:

Michael Klein, freshman, Durham; Brett Klingenberg, freshman, Peabody;

David Baker, junior, Hillsboro; Iris Overstreet, junior, Lehigh; Jody

Schmidt, junior, Peabody; Zachary Bartel, senior, Hillsboro; Patrick

Flaming, senio

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