McDonald?s aims to serve area communities

For McDonald?s owner Dan D?Albini, serving children means more than

taking their orders at his restaurant.

D?Albini tries to support children and youth any way he can by

sponsoring or supporting local activities and organizations.

?If it concerns kids, mostly I won?t say no,? D?Albini said. ?There

are a few times I have just because the costs are exceeding whatever I

feel it should.?

In the past, D?Albini has been a substantial sponsor of the programs

offered through the Hillsboro Recreation Commission. He has supported

basketball, T-ball, softball, soccer, track and football by providing

shirts and jerseys and sponsoring teams.

For four years he has sponsored the Tabor College interterm basketball

tournaments and has been a corporate sponsor for Chingawassa Days and

Relay for Life. He also sponsors women?s and men?s softball teams and

is a sponsor of Mid America Youth Basketball, as well as the Marion

County Health Fair.

D?Albini said he sponsors almost everything he?s asked to sponsor.

Each decision is his own to make.

?It?s money out of my pocket that I give back to the community,?

D?Albini said. ?I pretty much franchise their name, but anything that

happens locally is my decision.?

In addition to helping the community, sponsoring events benefits his


?It?s great advertising to wear a shirt that says ?McDonald?s? on it,?

D?Albini said. ?And when you?re talking about young kids, they don?t

just wear their shirt for the games, they wear it to school and to

grandma and grandpa?s.?

In addition to sponsoring kids? activities, McDonald?s also offers the

kind of foods kids like, D?Albini said.

?The food is the size they want it and the type of food they want to

eat,? he said.

And the toys included with a Happy Meal don?t hurt, either.

?I think we have some of the best toys there are,? D?Albini said.

Judging by the number of toys they go through, he is convinced their

toys are number one with children.

Though McDonald?s is a favorite among children, D?Albini said their

clientele includes all ages.

?I don?t want to say we are kid-based because we do have a lot on the

menu for adults,? he said. ?But the marketing, when you figure our

chief spokesman is Ronald McDonald, is geared toward kids.?

McDonald?s also is a place where informal groups get together to drink

coffee and soft drinks and chat while watching the traffic go by.

?It?s large enough, and the seating for the most part is moveable

enough, that they can get in as big a group as they want,? he said.

The only change planned for the restaurant in the near future is a new

paint job to match what the corporation requested. The restaurant will

be painted red, white and yellow.

Also this summer, teenie beanie babies and the Johnsonville Brats

promotions will return.

D?Albini became interested in owning a McDonald?s store when he worked

for his father, who has stores in Salina and Junction City.

He opened the

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