Tampa residents asked to vote on major street project June 27

Tampa residents may soon have new streets to drive on, if the project

is approved in a June 27 election. The City of Tampa is proposing to

repair the majority of its streets, including putting in a new base.

James Clemmer, Tampa mayor, said all of the streets in town will be

done except Third Street from Main to the county line and some streets

by the elevator.

The two blocks of third street will not be replaced because it was

torn up nine years ago and only needs to be primed and sealed. The

roads by the elevator also will be sealed.

The last time all of the streets were redone was in 1991 with a chip

and seal.

?We don?t have a base and we?re going to get the base, then in a few

years if they want to do further improvements it will be ready for

them,? Clemmer said.

With this project, the streets would be torn up six inches down from

the surface. The base will be repaired, then fly ash will be added to

make it hard. Finally it will be primed and double sealed.

He said they would like to start in July, but the exact date may

change because of the vote not being held until the end of June.

Once it is started, the project will only take a couple of weeks to

complete. The work will be done by High Plains Sand out of Kanapolis.

?Right now we should have a good base and we can do what we want to do

or somebody else can do what they want to later,? Clemmer said. ?This

should give us a good solid street.?

The public vote is necessary to let people vote on the bonds even

though it will not be paid for with bonds. The financing for the

project will come from a temporary note. Clemmer said bonds were out

of the question because of the amount needed, about $64,000.

The total cost of the project will be $104,494 and the city has

$40,000 to pay now.

?The last couple of years we were going to do it but we had other

expenses,? Clemmer said.

Without any additional projects this year, the city has the money for

the project without raising taxes.

?We have maintained the same mill levy since 1991 and we will be able

to pay these off in four years with the same mill levy,? he said.

He said it needs to be done because there are a lot of chuck holes in

the streets.

?The council did decide if this is approved and everything, that we

will chip and seal sections of town every year so they won?t

deteriorate,? Clemmer said.

The city will send out a letter before the election

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