HHS seniors receive numerous scholarships

This year?s Hillsboro High School seniors have been offered more than

$907,000 in scholarships as of May 22, according to HHS counselor

Diana Holub.

?I probably had more students receiving larger amounts of

scholarships,? Holub said.

Students received $13,000 in local scholarships and $2,300 in outside


College scholarships accepted by students total about $455,000, which

will be distributed over four years.

?This class probably did a lot more shopping around,? Holub said.

She said a lot of students looked at two to three colleges before

making a decision, which raised the amount of college scholarships not


To date, about $451,000 in college scholarships, to be distributed

over four years, has been turned down.

Last year, about $644,828 was given in scholarships, awarded over a

four-year period.

Holub said one reason the amount of money was higher this year was

better grade-point averages and ACT scores.

Also, more students completed the State Board of Regents requirements.

Holub said 50 percent of HHS seniors completed the requirements, which

makes them eligible for state scholarships. She said 75 to 80 percent

of the students are taking some of the classes.

?The name of the game for scholarships is being aggressive and meeting

deadline dates,? Holub said.

She said some of the students this year have been aggressive and asked

for help when filling out forms and writing essays. She also said a

lot of them typed the forms, which is a requirement for some


Holub also feels it is important for students to go to the colleges

and meet the professors.

Students are still waiting to hear on some bigger college

scholarships. An estimated 90 percent of the scholarship mone

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