HCMC, USD 410 work to provide schools health news

Hillsboro Community Medical Center and USD 410 have been partnering to

bring health information to children and school personnel.

During the spring semester, HCMC employees Danita Unrau, registered

nurse, and Cayle Goertzen, infection control manager, visited with

Hillsboro elementary students about germs and controlling their


HCMC provided outdated petri dishes and classes tested various items

including the bottom of shoes and hands before and after washing. Then

the dishes were placed in an incubator to see what, if anything, grew.

Arlene Hett, a registered nurse and certified lactation counselor,

also visited with the child growth and development class at HHS. She

talked with students about infants and breast feeding.

In addition, Jeanne Rziha, registered nurse and diabetes educator,

lectured teachers in the Hillsboro schools about diabetes and

children. She offered instruction on signs to watch for in diabetics,

nutrition and medication needs of diabetics and basic in

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