LETTERS: More good people carrying guns would reduce crime

This past weekend, President Clinton refused to attend the Million Mom

March protest against private citizens owning guns. President Clinton

has long been an active player in the quest to make it illegal for you

and me as private citizens to own any gun for any reason. He believes

you and I do not need to be able to protect ourselves. Politicians

prefer unarmed peasants.

What makes all this so ludicrous is the fact that carrying any gun,

and the mere ownership of a handgun, is illegal in Washington, D.C.

Any time the president leaves the White House, he is surrounded by a

small army of the best trained, best armed federal agents our country

can produce. Yet, he felt that to go out and walk the streets unarmed

American citizens must walk would be too dangerous.

The godly men and women who established our nation and wrote the

Constitution realized that private ownership of firearms is a right

not conferred by the government, but a higher power, a power which

still exists.

Guns in the hands of good people does not raise crime, it reduces

crime. Never in our nation?s history has there been a time in which

more citizens held concealed carry permits, yet violent crime is at an

incredible low.

More guns do not produce crime, but just the opposite. Good people

with guns produce an environment in which bad people are more

reluctant to work their evil in our society.

The 43 states which allow for the legal concealed carry of firearms

have proven this over the l

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