Hesston?s windfall might be felt here

The addition of product lines and jobs at Hay and Forage Industries in

Hesston could impact Hillsboro?s housing and economy, says Mayor

Delores Dalke. But the extent of the impact is not known.

The Wichita Eagle reported recently that Agco Corp. will be

consolidating its production in Hesston. The company recently closed a

combine factory in Independence, Mo.

?If the people who are going to go to work there choose to live in

Hillsboro, it could be a big boost for our economy,? Dalke said.

But it is not known how many jobs and what positions will be added at


?I would say, yes, it could definitely have an impact on housing in

Hillsboro,? said Dalke, who also owns the Real Estate Center.

Because Hillsboro doesn?t have a lot of available housing currently,

the impact on the housing developments would depend on what kind of

jobs will be added.

If the a lot of manufacturing jobs are added, the area?s already tight

labor pool will be affected, creating a demand for more workers.

?It depends upon to what end they pursue their manufacturing and how

many people from Independence choose to come this way,? said Gerald

Funk, who works at Ag Power, a distributor for Agco Corp. ?The plant

did employ 500.?

According to the Eagle, the production line in Coldwater, Ohio, has

already been moved to Hesston and plans call for moving another

production line from Lockney, Texas, next year.

The new production lines will include manure spreaders, planters,

combines and grain drills.

When the consolidations are complete, Hay and Forage will be the

largest single manufacturer of Agco products.

But Hay and Forage officials are not sure what impact the change will

have on its work force, accor

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