Commissioners weigh costs of repairing county bridges

Marion County Commissioners discussed options for the five-year bridge

plan during their Monday meeting.

Four bridges are listed in the plan. They are located south of

Hillsboro, south of Florence, north of Lehigh and north of Durham.

?It is proposed to do Hillsboro in 2001 and the other three in 2002

which isn?t going to be possible with the funds available,? said Linda

Peterson, commission chair.

The bridge work will need to be spread out so the county can come up

with funds for its share of the project, which totals 20 percent.

?I think the cost of it is going to determine a lot of it,? said

Gerald Kelsey of the Road and Bridge Department.

The cost of the bridge work is about $358,000 for Hillsboro, $627,000

for Florence and $290,000 for Durham.

The cost of the Lehigh bridge has not been determined yet but is

expected similar to the Durham bridge.

Commissioners discussed the possibility of doing the Hillsboro bridge

in 2001, Florence in 2003 and Lehigh in 2004. A steel bridge could be

put in at Lehigh and would be paid for with other funds.

The commissioners will look at the bridges May 22 before making a

final decision.

In other business:

— Commissioners agreed to sign a letter of support for improvements

at Cottonwood Point. The park area at Marion Reservoir has reached its

capacity and needs to be modernized, they were told.

— David Brazil, county health officer, informed the commission of an

illegal dump site northwest of Durham. Personal papers, scrap material

and tires, as well as cans of paint and paint thinner which had leaked

into the water, were cleaned up. He will levy a fine and have the

responsible party pay for the cost of cleaning it up if the person who

dumped the trash can be identified.

— Commissioners selected the chemical bid from Markley Service in the

amount of $2,494.50.

— The commission approved having Faye Makovec, register of deeds,

proceed with the mandated plat review.

— The commission approved changing the part time job in the noxious

weed departmen

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