Partly Nonsense

There is a very special woman who lives in our town. I have known her

all of my life and have the utmost respect for her.

She is my friend and my confidante. I have known no better role model

than her. Tolerance comes to mind when I think of her. She has a great

sense of humor and almost understands mine. Getting things done is one

of her many assets. The food she makes is the greatest (except

sometimes her salads have unusual stuff in them).

She doesn?t like for me to include her in my column, but I couldn?t

help it this time. Happy Mother?s Day, Mom.


I have taken up baking cookies. And it is not my fault. Recently I

stopped by the middle school to pick up something and my van was

blocked in by the cookie truck.

The kids were carrying in all these boxes full of frozen cookie dough.

Since I couldn?t leave and was hanging around, Lynn Wiebe suggested

that I buy some because it was a fund-raiser for the students.

It?s the kind you scoop dough out of a container and drop on the

cookie sheet, so I thought why not. They are quite good and I am on my

third batch.


You may have seen or read the news that KAKE-TV Channel 10?s first

general manager, Martin Umansky, died last week at the age of 83.

Among many, many accomplishments, he was responsible for starting the

Wichita Sun, a free total-market-coverage newspaper in Wichita back in

the mid-70s. The Sun had a press run of 110,000.

Hillsboro has a big connection to this outstanding gentleman and

mentor. Ron Loewen, Loren Jost, Joanna Wiebe, Bruce Knaak and I all

worked for Martin at the Wichita Sun. It was an experience I wouldn?t

trade for anything.

Martin was tireless when it came to coming up with innovative ideas

and was a champion of many worthwhile causes. He even came to

Hillsboro to speak at our all-school activities banquet in the late



Where does the decorative landscaping bark go during the winter? Every

spring we need to go buy more because it went away again. And if you

say the wind blows it away, it should always be gone.


The Canton area is lucky to have its own hardware, plumbing, heating

and air conditioning store. It held it?s grand Opening this past

Saturday. Ad Don and I stopped in to wish Todd Arnold well and put

away a few hot dogs and refreshments in the process.

If Todd is as wise on the ways of plumbing as his mom, he?s in great

shape. She was quizzed on what a ?street L? wa

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