EDITORIAL: More changes ahead

In the past two weeks, we?ve had to report the resignation of two key

public leaders. First, Glen Suppes announced he would be leaving his

position as principal of Hillsboro High School to become

superintendent of schools in Lindsborg. Then, this week, Tom Faulkner

served notice he would be stepping down as CEO of Hillsboro Community

Medical Center June 30.

Both men are quality individuals who have filled their respective

roles with above-normal competence and grace. We would not pretend to

have intimate knowledge of what all high school students think about

their outgoing principal, but we have not heard any significant

complaints. How rare for someone in a position of authority over

teenagers to connect with them the way Suppes apparently has.

Faulkner, meanwhile, stepped into a tough spot and has made the best

of it. It?s not easy to gain the respect of employees when, as an

administrator, you have to deal with unkind and unwholesome budget

cuts that are far beyond your ability to control. Yet, to this point,

Faulkner seems to have held the HCMC ship together through some very

rough waters. No one was more disappointed than he was that, for the

good of his health, he needed to step aside before he was able to

guide the ship to a safe port. He would have been happier to sail on

for a while longer.

These two men are leaving Hillsboro for very different reasons, but

the bottom line for us is still the same: they leave a significant

void in their respective fields. We believe good people will be found

to succeed them, but that doesn?t eliminate the disappointment we feel

about their departure.

It?s been said many times that change is the only constant we can

expect in this day and age. Few things will remain as they are over

the long term. The decision to close Goertz Furniture after some 114

years of continuous operation should remind us that nothing lasts

forever, even in Hillsboro.

So we thank Glen and Tom for their positive contributions to our

community, and we wish them well in their future endeavors. We?ll miss

you both, but you?ve left your mark here

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