Partly Nonsense

Just spent a few days in Atlanta. What fun! If there?s anything better

than seeing the grandchildren and their parents, I couldn?t imagine

what it is.

Sweet Louie (Louis) is now two weeks old and doesn?t make any noise

unless he?s hungry. We?re not sure who he looks like yet, but his

looks seemed to change a little every day I was there.

We think he?s pretty cute, though.

Then there?s big brother Alex, who isn?t sure what it means to have a

little brother around the house yet, but he gives a few indications

that he thinks he?s pretty neat already. He calls him ?Lucy.?

I?m already dreaming of the day the Cameli brothers can come to

Hillsboro and spend some time during the summer.


I don?t think I could ever get used to living in Atlanta, or any big

city for that matter. I was fixing the kids? front porch light because

the bulb sockets were rusted tight and the lights wouldn?t work.

After 14 miles in traffic through downtown and making stops at two

different lighting parts stores, I was back home with the $4 in parts

needed to do the job.

This little operation only took and hour and a half.


Do fish sleep at night?


In the crime-does-pay department. The kid who stole the game ball

after Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points more than 25 years ago just

sold it for more than a half million bucks. The statute of limitations

has run out so neither the buyer or the seller can get in trouble over



They?re now building houses with poured concrete walls these days.

None in this area that I have seen, but they may be out there.

I was thinking how the house movers are going to handle picking one of

these up when one of these houses needs to be moved someday.

Maybe they should just put a big hook in th

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