Partly Nonsense

We?re still sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for word from Atlanta.


The Free Press is delighted that Don Wipf, who is considered to be one of the most knowledgeable newspapermen in the state, according to his peers, is joining our team of professionals this week. When I put the bug in his ear a few months back that we?d be interested in having him come to work for us, I never thought we?d be lucky enough to get him.

We have grown to the point where we need a great deal more firepower to handle the increased demand we are experiencing at the Free Press. I don?t know of anyone who is better suited to assist our many great customers with their advertising than Don.

With two Dons in our office, we?ll have to come up with a way of what to call them so we know which Don we mean.

Maybe it could be newsDon and adDon.


With the census in progress, I thought back to the time I was in school at KU and I was working for a company that did polling.

My job was to go to Topeka and go door to door asking people to answer questions. I was in an area where it didn?t seem too safe and where the houses were quite far apart.

After finishing the poll at one house, I went to my car and put all the papers on the roof while I unlocked the door. You probably know what?s coming.

I drove off with the papers still on the roof. Needless to say, they went everywhere! It took about a half hour just to retrieve most of them.

A word to the wise. Don?t forget stuff on the roof of your car.


I have a string of problems in the past of backing into things.

Once, while in high school and living at 107 N. Lincoln, I backed my car out of the driveway without securing the door. There was a row of trees right next to the driveway and before I knew it, the door was pointing straight forward right next to the fender.

Luckily for me Louie Penner had a body shop and was able to use some short pieces of 2×4 behind the hinges and bent them back so the door worked again. And it only cost $2!

I had my pickup loaded with long 2x4s and backed into my driveway. I misjudged how far they were sticking out and punched out a hole in the taillights on our car. It could have been much worse. That only took a new lens.

Then I backed up in the lot across the street from Hillsboro Ford and came to a sudden halt. There is a light pole in the middle of nowhere.

The lesson here is don?t get behind me.


There?s a new host at Olde Towne Restaurant whom we were surprised but glad to see last week. It was none other than Barney McCarty, who is soon retiring as a Hillsboro police officer and former police chief.

Instead of the possibility of him giving you a ticket, you can give him your ticket to ring up as you leave.

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