Funeral chapel has helped spread the word about tissue donation

More than just the American Red Cross and hospitals are involved in tissue donation.

The Hillsboro Memorial Chapel also encourages people to donate.

?The Hillsboro Memorial Chapel has been most cooperative when working with American Red Cross Tissue Services,? said Alisa Phillips of American Red Cross Tissue Services said. ?They have been very supportive of the families who choose donation. We greatly appreciate and thank them for their commitment to the donation process.?

Jared Jost, funeral director at Hillsboro Memorial Chapel, said they try to make people aware of signing their drivers licenses.

He has the opportunity to talk with families about donation when they make prearranged funeral plans.

Jost tries to make people aware of their options and provide them with information.

?There are times when I know this will help a family,? he said.

He said if a family is able to help someone else, they often grasp on to the notion.

A letter is later sent to families informing them what their donation was used for.

?It gives them an assurance that something good has come out of it,? Jost said. ?Maybe in some ways their (loved one) is living on.?

If people want more information, Jost will have someone from the Red Cross or donor bank come talk to them.

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