EDITORIAL: A chance to begin again

Whether or not you see yourself as particularly religious, this time of year is worth celebrating. As the dead of winter bursts into new, fresh life during these spring days, so too Easter reminds us that we can ?burst from the dead? that so often results from our past mistakes and failures. Who among us doesn?t need a second chance in this life from time to time?

Just as important, having realized our own need for a ?mulligan? in this life, we help ourselves by extending the same privilege to others. Releasing others from the bondage of their mistakes has a marvelous way of releasing us, too. Those who live this life shackled by a grudge or by bitterness are the neediest people among us.

This Sunday, Christians celebrate the personification of freedom, the One who said, ?Freely have you been forgiven, freely forgive others.?

That?s what Easter is. And that?s the beauty of spring. The old is gone the new is come.


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