Pool fee may rise for this summer

Swimming may become a little more expensive this summer.

The Hillsboro City Council is discussing raising the fee for using the city?s swimming pool from $1.50 to $2 per individual admission.

The raise was viewed as necessary because of the cost of running the pool. According to figures from last year, it costs over $3 per visit to maintain and run the pool.

Council member Mike Padgett said he would be in favor of the raise because it is needed to help pay for the pool?s expenses.

Last year, direct costs for running the pool came to $34,986 The total for swimming pool receipts was $14,853 and concession proceeds totaled $3,711, leaving $16,422 for the city to pay.

This is not a new situation. In 1998, the city paid $11,949 and in 1997 it paid $15,704.

The concern of council members is remaining competitive with surrounding swimming pools.

Mayor Delores Dalke, who also agreed with the increase, suggested finding out what surrounding pools were charging before making a final decision.

The Marion swimming pool charges $1.75 for adults and $1 for children. The Hesston pool charged $1.75 last year for individuals and does not expect to change it.

Currently, season passes for Hillsboro are $45 for an individual and $80 for a family. They are $25 and $50 for Marion and $35 and $85 for Hesston.

The council will further discuss the issue at the next council meeting.

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