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?The Sixth Sense.? Rated: PG-13. I give it a 5 on a scale of 5.

I really need to be careful when I talk to people about the Bruce Willis, Haley Joel Osment chiller ?The Sixth Sense.? Anybody who divulges the ending of this outstanding movie should be arrested and tossed in the clink indefinitely.

The final few minutes make this film, pure and simple. So, my advice is to go straight to the shelves and rent this video before somebody gives away the ending.

I first saw ?The Sixth Sense? at the theater, and it was difficult to watch because I couldn?t keep a pillow in front of my face, which is my usual way of watching thrillers.

This film contains some graphic images of dead people in the states which caused their demises. In other words, we get to see them before the mortician did his or her best to make them look presentable.

So does young Cole Sear (Osment), and therein lies his terrorizing problem. He desperately needs the help of noted psychologist Dr. Malcolm Crowe. This kid is so messed up, he is stealing religious statues and storing them in his private shrine in his room in hopes of gaining even a few minutes of peace. Not only does Cole see dead people, he is pursued by them, and he doesn?t know why.

Crowe, meanwhile, is pursued by his own demons. It seems he was unable to help an anguished young man some years earlier who returned as an adult to confront the celebrated psychologist. He shot Dr. Crowe before turning the gun on himself. The good doctor was never the same after that.

Crowe begins to doubt his own ability to help others, and he begins to view young Cole as a chance, perhaps his last, to redeem himself.

His wife Anna, played by Olivia William, pulls away from him as his obsession with Cole?s case deepens.

This is a story that requires patience, not because it is boring, but because it moves fairly slowly and methodically. We don?t get to meet the ghosts for the first 60 minutes. The audience is forced to wonder if any light will ever be shed on this case.

But, trust me, the ending is well worth the wait. I can?t explain it without giving it away, but suffice it to say it will cause viewers to rewind and watch various segments again, slap their foreheads, and say, ?Oh, now I understand.?

Strangely, even those who have seen it will flock to view it again.

?The Sixth Sense,? directed by M. Night Shyamalan and released by Buena Vista, is rated PG-13 due to the violent images it presents, so I don?t recommend this film for pre-teens. It is simply too darned intense.

But, despite its obvious placement in the horror/thriller genre, this is a thinking person?s movie. And that, my friends, is a rare combination. It offers some interesting philosophical questions as well as a strong plot and a more-than-capable cast. This is one of those rare videos I plan to purchase. I wonder if they?ll throw in a pillow.

Bob Wade is a local video enthusiast. The videos he reviews come courtesy of Radio Shack/Quick Flick, 110 N. Main, Hillsboro.

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