The hunt for Summer jobs

The end of school is still almost two months away, but it?s not too soon for students to begin thinking about finding summer jobs.

The choices for high school students range from serving fast food to assisting customers at grocery and retail stores.

?It?s kind of getting to the time people are looking for summer jobs,? said Todd Vogt of Vogt?s IGA, said. ?If they wait until summer it?s usually too late.?

Individuals should begin applying for jobs around the middle of April through May. Because of child labor laws, most businesses in Hillsboro do not hire anyone under age 16.

Often a summer job is a youth?s first experience with employment.

?We are a lot of people?s first jobs,? Vogt said.

He said they try to hire high school- and college-age people.

They have already been getting applications and will be hiring if they have job openings this summer.

Dale?s Supermarket also would hire students of they had openings, but usually they don?t have many.

Dale Frantz, owner, said he usually have high school students who work through the school year and then increase their hours during the summer. Youth often fill in when employees take vacations.

Students under the age of 18 face a few limitations. For example, they cannot use things such as the power equipment in the meat department or the fork lift.

But the other tasks offer advantages beyond a paycheck.

?For many, it teaches them work ethic,? Frantz said, and it is better than having them sit at home.

Frantz looks for people who are dependable and who will show up according to the schedule, as well as someone who takes initiative on the job.

Jenny Goebel, manager of Subway, is looking for workers who are dependable, too. She said it is helpful if someone is available on short notice in case someone else cannot work.

Subway possibly will be hiring for weekends this summer.

Other fast food locations in Hillsboro will be hiring for the summer, too.

Sonic is looking for 10 to 15 people to hire. Scott Russell, manager, said he looks for a person with a neat, clean appearance and manners.

He said he does his best to work around his worker?s schedules. A variety of hours are available.

Sonic also offers crew leadership positions employees can earn, providing something to work toward.

?A lot of kids haven?t had a job in the past,? Russell said. ?It gives them experience for when they get out in the real world.?

Pizza Hut may be hiring this summer, depending on the need, according to manager Toni Williams.

She said she looks to see if people are well groomed and how they feel about customer service.

?Hopefully, with some of them it will teach them responsibility,? Williams said.

A worker under 18 years of age cannot run the dough roller and some other equipment at Pizza Hut.

Dan D?Albini, owner of McDonald?s, said he will try to hire people age 16 and over this summer, but will hire 15-year-olds if he needs the help.

?They learn more about working as a team,? D?Albini said.

He also said young staff learn personal responsibility and how to have fun without horseplay.

D?Albini hires throughout the year, and considers applications as he receives them. The only times people should not go in to apply is during lunch and supper.

For young people not looking for a job in the food industry, retail is another option.

Pam Smith, office manager at Alco, said her store will probably be hiring this summer because of the the students who work there now will be graduating.

She said they look for dependability, as well as consistency with previous jobs, and they check references.

Local convenience stores do not hire workers as often, but will consider hiring youth for part-time work or when openings arise.

For individuals who meet certain requirements, the city offers another employment option.

Usually the city hires one to two people, but Johnnie Liles, city superintendent, said he did not know if they would have the money to hire anyone this year.

When they do hire, it is to work in the water department and the parks.

For other local businesses, hiring minors has been limited by child labor laws.

Irv Schroeder County Motors has not hired anyone under age 18 for the past few years because of them.

In the past, they have hired students to wash cars, but the law does not allow them to drive the cars, which makes it difficult to complete the job.

?It kind of frustrates us because it is a good job for kids to have,? said Jan Schroeder, co-owner.

Wright?s Chrysler Plymouth Dodge and Hillsboro Ford Mercury also do not hire anyone under 18 because of child labor laws.

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