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One day this past winter, a couple from Hesston brought some friends to the clothing center. Their guests, Theopolis and Vani Pallaptti from the east coast of India, are pastors in a church of 900. Their ministry is primarily to convert Hindus who are very poor.

The Indian couple had come to Main Street Ministries to see if they could find some clothes to take back to friends who desperately need them. Not only did they find just what they wanted for others, they also found a ?gift? for him.

Theopolis, unusually small and short, has few clothes himself. Unknown to the Main Street staff, two summer suits were strategically placed on the rack that fit him perfectly. The pastor was deeply moved and literally cried. He said he was amazed that God would take such care to meet his need even when he was not looking for himself.

It?s thrilling to participate in God?s work. Thank you for your many donations of clothing and food. As you can see from this story?and many more could be told?your gifts are a blessing beyond what you might think.

The past three months we?ve been renovating the clothing center and food bank. It has been renamed ?The Lord?s Storehouse.? We?re finally done and again want to thank the many people who helped in lots of ways.

Please come to the open house at 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Saturday, April 8. We want you to see how much it has been improved and praise God with us.

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