?County 4-H Day? draws 88 competitors in a variety of events

Eighty-eight Marion County 4-H youth participated in ?County 4-H Day? by performing skits, vocal and instrumental numbers, dance routines and demonstrating speaking skills through project talks, demonstrations, illustrated talks, speeches and readings.

County 4-H Day is sponsored by the Marion County Extension Council and the Marion County 4-H Council.

Youth also practiced decision-making skills in the consumer facts judging contest and the pickle power exercise.

The event helps youth develop life skills such as self-confidence, communication skills, decision-making skills, relating to and working with others, according to Steve Tonn of the extension office.

Following are the results.

Junior illustrated talks and demonstrations: Andy Klassen, red; Amber Loewen, state fair blue; Julie Rziha, regional blue; Briana Loewen, red; Megan Wedel, red; Duane Unruh, state fair blue; Kristene Jirak, state fair blue; Kaitlyn Preheim, red; Anthony Esau, alternate regional blue; Sean Leihy, state fair blue; Laura Holt, blue; Kristin Waner, red; Shelby Deines, red; Taylor Carrithers, red; Nellie Hill, red; Brooke Carlson, blue; Jenna Beneke, red, Jacob Fish, regional blue; Allie Will, alternate regional blue.

Readings: Lena O?Connor, blue; Robbie McVey, regional blue; Leigha Stafford, red; Gina Andrews, blue; Lora Andrews, alternate regional blue; Rachel Davidson, blue; Sarah Davidson, blue; Allison Wegerer, red; Andrea Wegerer, alternate regional blue; Megan Whitaker, alternate regional blue; Katie Whitaker, blue; Nellie Hill, regional blue; Taylor Carrithers, blue; Sydney Carrithers, regional blue.

Junior project talks: Nathan Barney, regional blue; Lora Andrews, blue; Tanner Dickerson, blue; Grady Stultz, alternate regional blue; Tyler Dickerson, blue; Cameron Stultz, alternate regional blue; Julie Wedel, regional blue; Nicholas Kleiber, blue; Mark Prieb, blue.

Intermediate project talks: Stephanie Loewen, regional blue; Evan Fast, alternate regional blue; Matt Tippin, regional blue; Evan Esau, blue; Daniel Goentzel, blue; Ashley Ensz, red; Gavin Shields, blue.

Skits: Sarah and Rachel Davidson, regional blue; Marie Jirak and Cecilia Rzhia, regional blue.

Senior demonstrations and illustrated talks: Alisa Fernandes, red; Aaron Barney, alternate regional blue; Katy Schmidt, red; Stephanie Heiser, regional blue; Amanda Kleiber, alternate regional blue; Phil Unruh, state fair blue; Bryan Fletcher, regional blue; Grant Klingenberg, red.

Public speaking: Maria Jirak, regional blue; Cecilia Rzhia, blue; Natalie Carlson, alternate regional blue; Kristin Mueller, red; Amy Goentzel, red; Cheryl Prieb; regional blue; Carmelita Goossen, red; Wade Kimbrel, alternate regional blue.

Intermediate illustrated talks and demonstrations: Lena O?Connor, red; Andrea Carlson, regional blue; Kody Borg, regional blue; Marie Unruh and Jana Windsor, blue; Tyler Kaufman, state fair blue; Rachel Davidson, blue; Sarah Davidson, state fair blue; JuliAnne Chisholm, blue; Megan Whitaker, alternate regional blue; Jo Terwillliger, red; Jason Unruh, state fair blue; Katie Whitaker, state fair blue; Michael Unruh, alternate regional blue; Krista Heiser, blue; Jessica Deines, blue, Andrea Kleiber, blue; Alisha Barney, blue; Katie Carlson, red.

Instrumental music: Lena O?Connor, red; Kevin Mueller, alternate regional blue; Duane Unruh, red; Julie Wedel, red; Krista Stafford, red; Scott Ferguson/ Kellen Jenkins/Evan Fast, regional blue; Jason Unruh, red; Michael Unruh, regional blue; Nathan Amstutz, red; Stacy Terwilliger, red; Jessica Deines, blue; Krista Heiser/Jessica Deines, blue; Stephanie Heiser/Amanda Kleiber, alternate regional blue; Megan Whitaker, regional blue; Sydney Carrithers, blue; Seth Jirak, red; Stephanie Heiser, blue.

Piano: Andrea Carlson, alternate regional blue; Cameron Stultz, blue; Evan Fast, regional blue; Matt Tippin, blue; Cari Tippin, red; J.D. Tippin, blue; Kim Voth, red; Carlye Simons, red; JuliAnne Chisholm, red; Krista Heiser, blue; Amanda Kleiber, red; Andrea Kleiber; red; Rachel Davidson, blue; Sarah Davidson, regional blue; Raschelle Jirak, red; Benjamin Heyen, regional blue; Nathan Barney, regional blue; Alisha Barney, blue.

Dance: Tampa Triple T?s 4-H Club, regional blue; Happy Hustlers 4-H Club, regional blue.

Vocal solo: Marie Unruh, red; Cecilia Rziha, regional blue.

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