Twilight Dinner Theater

Pictured above is the cast for the Hillsboro High School Twilight Dinner Theater, which will be held at 6:30 p.m., April 7 and 8, in the high school auditorium. The cast of ?The Emperor?s New Clothes? is Allison Dirks, mother; Caleb Dirks, young Roland; Adrien Bebermeyer, Mary; Alexis Koop, Sarah; Esther Richert, Esther; Jocelyn Kliewer, Henrietta; Trista Hanley, Page; Brad Just, minister of fashion; Nicole Bodiford, sultan of style; Chelsey D?Albini, duchess of dressing up; Dustin Friesen, grand poohba of toiletries; Kristina Roble, overlady of overdressing; Casey Reece, underlord of underwear; Ryan Jilka, emperor; Jackie Grunau, Heidi Friesen and Candace Barkman, townspeople; Andrea Luna, Aislinn Conrad, Scott Isaac and Melanie Sullivan, the great unwashed. The cast of ?Werewolf?? is Scott Isaac, doctor; Casey Reece, Harold; Andrea Luna, Lovey; Kristina Roble, Mumsy; Melanie Sullivan, girl; Caleb Dirks and Dustin Friesen, boys; Brad Just, man; Jackie Grunau, woman. The cast of ?I Never Saw Another Butterfly? is Heidi Friesen, Raja Englanderova; Jackie Grunau, Irena Synkova; Scott Isaac, Honza; Allison Dirks, Anna; Aislinn Conrad, Hulda; Adrien Bebermeyer, Gabriela; and Chelsea D?Albini, Corrie.

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