Partly Nonsense

Nancy was in Dallas for the apparel market this past weekend, so I thought I?d be a mommy?s helper and unload the dishwasher and kind of clean up around the sink.

After I had put all of the dishes away, I realized they hadn?t been washed yet. I thought they were a little slippery but that maybe they just didn?t get very clean.

Anyway, I had a hard time figuring out which ones to pull back out of the cupboard and the silverware drawer.


Since I?m not very particular about what I eat, Nancy always makes a pot of chili before she goes, and then I eat it until it?s gone. It usually lasts until she gets back.


It is told that a couple always dropped in at their friends? house just before suppertime and sort of stayed around until it was time to eat.

One time, at the end of the meal, the woman of the house just dumped the excess water out of the glasses and put them in the cupboard without washing them.

She also set the plates on the floor for the dog to lick and then put them right in the cupboard, too.

Needless to say, that ended the surprise mealtime visits.


The pressure to win in the NCAA Men?s Basketball Tournament must be too high.

The Iowa State coach lost his cool with nine seconds left in the game and managed to get himself ejected with two technical fouls.

I?m sure he now wishes he could take back his miserable actions, which put a damper on the close of a great season.

The six straight free throws made by Michigan State as a result of a foul and the two technical were justice of sorts, though.


Kagle?s Rule for Winning Stock Car Races: ?Keep to the left and get back here as soon as you can.? Reds Kagle, late-model sportsman champion, Manassas, Va.


Jones?s Rule of the Road: ?The easiest way to refold a map is differently.? ?Franklin P. Jones, in the Wall Street Journal

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