LETTERS: Home businesses owners need to stand up for their rights

We hear all the time that we need to spend our money in Hillsboro. Recently we?ve heard that we have to stop all small business operations in Hillsboro.

Yes, I am one of the hundreds of small business owners in Hillsboro. I went to the city council meeting March 7, when their consultant was there. They discussed the current policy of home occupations, and the problems they?re having.

The consultant advised them the only way it would actually work would be that almost all businesses would have to stop.

That would include my bicycle shop and also day-care centers, painters, carpenters, lawn mower repair, mowing services, arts and crafts, baking, sewing, and just about everything.

If you wanted to have an Internet business that brought no tax money into the community, that?s OK.

Yes, we have heard they won?t do anything, they can?t do that. But if it would happen, it would affect everybody in this community.

This is one citizen who will fight for his rights. Hillsboro is not large enough to support a business like our shop in a downtown location.

We thought about saying forget it, it?s not worth the battle. Then, the day after the March 7 council meeting, a number of boys came into our shop, joking and laughing and having a good time. They needed some minor repairs on their bikes. So I took care of them.

Their bikes are safe now and they went out laughing and joking with me. I made up my mind right then for safety of the kids and other bike riders, I will fight!

I get the feeling some people think I?m exaggerating. If you would have listened to the city?s consultant, you?d understand what I am saying. I?m fighting for my rights, will you fight for yours?

I invite you to drive by my place of business. If looks junky or trashy, I?ll see what can be done to change the appearance of it.

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