Increase in gasoline prices hasn?t affected driving habits of local consumers yet

Local gas prices are about twice what they were this time last year, according to Chad Nowak, petroleum supervisor at Cooperative Grain & Supply.

Despite the continuing rise in prices, Ampride and Prime Time are not noticing the effects.

?The volume that goes through our store averages the same as it was this time last year,? Nowak said.

He said at this point people are not driving less.

Priscilla Arney, manager of Prime Time, said she has not seen a change in the number of gallons of gas sold either.

The high gasoline prices also have an effect on institutions purchasing large amounts of gas and diesel fuel, such as the local school district.

The Hillsboro schools use about 50 percent gas and 50 percent diesel, said Keith Goossen, supervisor of transportation.

The school has not experienced much impact from the higher prices yet.

?We purchase (gas) in bulk by transport load,? Goossen said.

This allowed the school to purchase its gas when prices were lower.

Goossen said although diesel is purchased daily, the amount the school travels has not changed.

To its benefit, the school purchased a larger transit bus last year, allowing them to reduce the number of buses needed for ball games and field trips.

This allowed the school to decrease fuel costs before the price went up.

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