Feedback after health-screening event prompts revision of room rental policy

The City of Hillsboro made what they think may be their last change to the rental policy for rooms in the city building.

The change became necessary because of a loophole left in the previous policy. The mayor and council became aware of the problem after a health screening was held at the city building by Health Beat, Inc.

Since it was a one-time use, it was allowed according to the policy.

Mayor Delores Dalke said she received calls from the public to see if it was a legitimate business and if the city was supporting it.

She also received one call from Hillsboro Community Medical Center and one from the Hillsboro Family Practice Clinic.

Several council members also received calls from the public.

Because it was approved at the city office, Dalke and members of the council said they did not know about the health screening until they saw inserts in the local newspapers.

Another problem occurred because of the name of the rental group has the same name as the newsletter produced by Hillsboro Community Medical Center, which confused some residents.

Dalke said to help eliminate confusion, HCMC put up signs on both doors of the city building on the day of the screening that informed people about its health fair coming up in April.

According to Dalke, the costs for the screenings offered by Health Beat, Inc., were a lot higher than HCMC?s.

The council decided they needed a clear definition of what was allowed, but did not want to keep local businesses from using it occasionally. The council decided to add the sentence, ?Exchange of goods or services for monetary gain is not allowed.?

This still allows local businesses to hold occasional meetings for training or informational purposes if it meets the other policy guidelines.

Dalke said she hadn?t heard many negative comments about the room rental policy since the first changes were made.

?I?m sorry we have to make those kind of restrictions, but we have to get a handle on what is going on,? she said.

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