Attorney general rules for special recycling fee

Marion County commissioners finally heard from Kansas Attorney General Carla Stovall?s office regarding the county-wide recycling program.

According to the report, to enact its program, the commission ?must publish the new fee in the official county newspaper for two consecutive weeks, then give 60 days for a petition to be filed against the new provision.?

The petition would need to be signed by at least 5 percent of the voting public in Marion County to keep the new fee and the recycling program from being enacted.

Although commissioners have yet to decide on the issue, Stovall informed commissioners the county already has a charge for solid waste disposal, which does not include recyclables. An additional fee would have to be enacted.

The Kansas Legislature is currently looking at a bill which will address this issue, commissioners said.

?We are going to wait and see what happens with the legislature at the state level,? commission chair Linda Peterson said. ?That bill would enable us to implement a fee.?

Commissioners said the bill would be voted on soon. Once settled, the commissioners will decide how to address the recycling issue.

In other action:

— County Clerk Carol Maggard informed commissioners that county appraiser Clint Anderson has requested an extension on property evaluation until March 19.

— The county courthouse will have new doors installed. The new doors will upgrade security and should be installed within the month. Cost of the project will be $2,603 and will be completed by Weber Glass of McPherson.

— Sheriff Lee Becker said problems still exist regarding loose cattle, which brought more than 40 concerned citizens to a commission meeting more than one month ago. He said he would set up a time for commissioners to view the fence.

— JoAnn Knak, director of Emergency Medical Services, reported her department would be writing off $16,412 on uncollectible insurance reimbursements, including Medicare.

— In a letter to the commission, Jan Moffitt of the county health department informed commissioners she has applied for $29,653 in state grants, and has been approved for a $750 grant for blood testing, follow-up appointments and referrals for those individuals 60 and above.

— Dale Snelling, county park director, reported the next Lake Board meeting will be 7:30 p.m., Thursday, March 30.

— Lester Kaiser presented concerns to commissioners regarding emergency preparedness. He asked why the county does not apply for more grant money when 98 percent of proposals are approved. He also asked about progress on the county?s new emergency preparedness plan. Commissioner Jack Bruner wrote the plan is still in draft form and will be presented to members of the EPO commission.

— Milton Lomaster presented his design for the third bridge to be built with county funds. Lomaster said he would engineer the project for $15,550. The proposal was approved, 3-0.

— Commissioners approved a bid for a new welding machine for the road and bridge department. The new welding machine will be purchased by the county from Marion Auto Supply for $2,240.

The department also requested a new Sheepsfoot roller to compact the road in preparing it for a new surface. It is also in need of a new tractor, but will check on prices of a used tractor.

Ron Bryant was hired by the county to haul 1,000 tons of sand for the county for $6.70 per ton.

The department announced it will continue to purchase its calcium chloride from Wichita.

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