Hillsboro students to attend Kansas Youth Summit

Ten Hillsboro Middle and High School students will attend the Kansas Youth Summit April 7 and 8 in Topeka.

The focus of the summit is to unite and mobilize the communities of Kansas, ensuring youth have access to resources necessary to being successful adults.

Experts will teach skills on how to help young people resist negative pressures and create an atmosphere of nonviolent conflict resolution.

During the summit, workshops, panel discussions and break out sessions will increase awareness and provide networking opportunities and resources in the areas of mentoring, safe places, a healthy start, skills through education and community service.

The students have signed up sessions on ongoing relationships with caring adults, safe places and structured activities, a healthy start for a healthy future, marketable skills through effective education and opportunities to serve.

This is the first year students from Hillsboro have attended the summit.

Glen Suppes, high school principal, said he did not remember seeing any information about the summit before.

Suppes approached the Going Adventurous Places group to see if any of the students wanted to attend. Six of the members said they would.

?We know these are kids that don?t get involved in school activities,? Suppes said.

He said this is a way to get them involved and show them they can make a difference.

?These people forget how much influence they have,? Suppes said.

He hopes they will bring back some things to do in the high school, but even if they don?t bring back anything for the entire school, he hopes they will come back with something for themselves.

High school students attending the summit are Kandi Thouvenell, Jennifer Clark, Bryna Buchholz, Kathryn Bolstad, Christina Baxter and Kala Gibson. Middle school students are Danielle Goossen, Daniel Yoder, Jared Fish and Danielle Kelley.

The summit is sponsored by the Lions Clubs of Kansas, in coordination with the Kansas Commission on National and Community Service.

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