Sextro?s memory lane stretches from the outstanding to the outlandish

Get Bob Sextro talking about his most dominant memories of Hillsboro High School athletics over the past 33 years, and he?ll list a basket full. Here are a few he offered on the spur of the moment.

— Most memorable night: Without a doubt March 1995, when the boys? and girls? teams both won state championships. Of additional significance to Sextro was that siblings Chris and Keli Chisholm were starters on their respective teams.

— Runner-up best memory: When Hillsboro won the state volleyball championship in 1987. Janet Loewen, who had been a mediocre server throughout the season, hit seven straight winners, including five aces, to pull Hillsboro from four or five points down in the championship match to two or three points ahead.

?What time could you pick but the state championship to put a series like that together?? Sextro says. ?It was a cake walk the rest of the way.?

— Best boys? basketball team: Class of 1972, which included Paul Schultz, Tim Wasemiller, Ron Loewen, Brad Wiens, Lynn Jost and others. ?That was probably, physically, one of the best teams we?ve had,? he said. In the recent era, he picks the 1998 state championship team for its depth.

— Best girls? basketball team: The 1988 team led by Susan Decker and Shawna Siebert. ?They had pretty good balance.? But he says the 1995 team with Tesha Ratzlaff and Keli Chisholm had more depth and were more physical. ?They hammered people,? Sextro recalls.

— Top athletes, boys? basketball: Paul Schultz (1972), Curtis Frick (1973), Russ Dalke (1974), Lawrence Brenneman (1981), Stan Frantz (1983), Eric Jones (1991), Craig Duerksen (1992), Micah Ratzlaff (1998).

— Top athletes, girls? basketball: Grace Jaworsky (1975), Carla Calam (1979), Lynn Isaac (1980), Wendy Lange (1985), Susan Decker (1988), Shawna Siebert (1988), Taryn Ratzlaff (1994), Tesha Ratzlaff (1996), Lisa Myers (1996), Ruthie Harder (1997).

— Most memorable individual performance: Curtis Frick, in a 1973 game to determine the league championship, missed his first five shots and picked up three fouls in the first four minutes of the game, but finished with a school record 37 points to lead HHS to the title.

— Greatest physical feat: Craig Duerksen blocked a Halstead player?s shot by extending his hand a good foot above the rim; later in the season, he finished a game with a 360-degree slam dunk.

— Mental toughness: Tesha Ratzlaff was hit in the face with a hard pass, but picked up the ball and laid it in the basket before reacting to the pain.

— Most humorous moment (1): The Trojans? infamous ?Barking Dog Inbounds Play? under coach Jerry Jones. Hillsboro trailed Peabody by a point late in the game. On an inbounds play under the Trojan bucket, three players dropped to their knees and began barking like dogs.

While the Peabody players looked on in confusion, the fourth Trojan took the pass, drove through the middle and scored. Hillsboro won.

— Most humorous moment (2): Marion had a chance for a rare basketball victory over Hillsboro. A Marion player was wide open for a layup that would have won the game.

But in the excitement, his shot hit the bottom of the basket, ricocheted off his face and went out of bounds. Hillsboro prevailed.

— Most humorous moment (3): Lineman John Savoia (1972) was substituted into a football game at the last moment and was still rumbling toward the line of scrimmage when the opposing team hiked the ball and ran an end sweep that fooled everyone?except the oncoming Savoia.

The runner ran straight into the lumbering lineman and Savoia made a touchdown-saving tackle?almost by accident.

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