Partly Nonsense

I?m thinking about going into the smoked sausage mail-order business on the Internet.

Last week we received an e-mail via our online Free Press edition from a former Hillsboro resident who wanted to know if she could have some of the local sausage shipped to her in Texas.

Why not set up a site and sell it?


Here?s a little morsel from the secret files of cartoonist Max Cannon….

This guy was doing a little artistic exercise, so he was staying in a closet until he came up with a decent idea for the story he was writing.

After quite a bit of time goes by, the ideas he came up were a toss-up between a story about a guy who has to go the bathroom real bad and one who?s real hungry.


I recently switched from cable to dish TV. There are pluses and minuses for doing so.

The big plus is that the picture is unbelievably clear and non-stop digital music stations exist for every imaginable type of music.

The minuses are that you still need a TV antenna to pick up network stations, and our reception was lousy. (I?m still in trouble at home for making this switch).

I?ve been trying to remedy this situation for a while. Even with the antenna 30 feet up in the air, it didn?t seem to bring in a clear signal.

Last week I decided to take the antenna down and check the connections. But my ladder was too short to get at the bracket that attached the pole to the house.

Luckily, some very nice men from Tampa were working at the neighbors? house down the street.

I asked if I could borrow their ladder when they went to lunch, but they did better than that. They helped me take the antenna down. Afterward I realized I couldn?t have done it myself.

Now the picture is quite good, but the antenna is on our bed upstairs with wires hanging out all over. If I know what?s good for me, I?ll have the job finished real soon.


If a guy is bald, what hair color do they note on his driver?s license?


I?ve been monkeying with TV antennas for a long time.

When I was in high school I used to crawl on the roof at 210 S. Adams and turn the antenna toward Topeka so I could watch KU games on WIBW. This when we just had channels 3, 10 and 12.

I?m looking up there the other day and wondered what I was thinking when I did that. It?s way off the ground.

As soon as the game was over, I?d have to crawl back up there and turn it back to Wichita. (I know, they had rotors back then, but we didn?t).


I read in the paper that the Workaholics Anonymous organization is having trouble with attendance. Seems that everyone is too busy to come to the meetings.

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