Ediger ready to retire after 28 years at HHS

Carrol Ediger?s goal was to make it to 2000. Now that she has, she?s ready to retire.

Employed by the Hillsboro school system for 28 years, Ediger is stepping down at the end of the 1999-2000 school year.

?I?m ready to retire,? Ediger said.

During her years with USD 410, Ediger served as a teacher and media specialist for the middle and high schools.

?She connects well with kids and works hard to keep up the media center,? Gordon Mohn, superintendent, said. ?We will miss her.?

Ediger came to Hillsboro in 1972 as a full-time English teacher. When she began teaching, the department offered a variety of offerings, including literature classes based on the Bible and the experiences of Jew and Mennonite people.

Since then, the focus of classes has narrowed so students will take required courses.

?I always said it took all of the fun out of it,? said Ediger, who has taught all levels of English.

In 1977, Ediger began splitting her time between the classroom and the library, where she worked as a media specialist.

One reason she made the change was because of the amount of paperwork involved in teaching English.

Because English was required, she always fought students who didn?t like English and wouldn?t participate appropriately in class. She said the students she sees in the library usually come to her because they want something.

Ediger said she would have started out in library science if she could have taken such classes at Tabor. To become certified, Ediger took classes in the evenings at Emporia State University.

In the 1980s, USD 410 completed the Wiebe Media Center and Ediger began working full time there.

?When we built this (library) new eight years ago, I was so excited. I knew I didn?t want to retire for a while,? Ediger said.

Part of her duties include keeping the equipment running, selecting and ordering books, cleaning old books and helping students who come into the library to research topics.

Ediger also has spent time getting to know students.

?I know the name of every student from sixth grade through 12th grade,? she said. ?I like working with young people.?

She said the most fun is when a student asks her something she has never been asked about before.

A lot of Ediger?s work involves computers, including training students to use them.

?What I feared would be a terrible hassle has just been small bits and pieces,? Ediger said.

One of the challenges Ediger faced as a teacher was having her own children in class.

?I tried to be where they were not,? she said.

During her time at Hillsboro, Ediger also worked with debate and forensics and was the tennis coach for one year.

Ediger has kept in contact with some of her students over the years. She said some come back to visit and a lot of her middle school students now are children of her previous students.

When she retires, Ediger plans on staying home and catching up on some things she hasn?t had time to do for a while.

She also will be helping her husband, Ervin, farm and they plan to do some traveling.

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