CAR CARE: Salesman offers tips for buying used cars

To get the most for your money when buying a used car, know what to look for, says Sherman Kelsey, a car dealer at Marion Auto Mart

From his experience, Kelsey provided the following tips to consumers:

— Stay within your budget; keep in mind what you can afford.

— Keep a level head; don?t shop with emotion.

— Look beyond appearance; listen for shakes and rattles.

— Consider all costs; don?t forget interest and length of loan.

— Take someone knowledgeable along with you.

— Ask about warranties and understand how what they cover; warranties can lessen your risk.

— Don?t just find out mileage; ask what kind of miles have been put on the vehicle?in-town, highway, etc.

— Avoid outrageous marketing gimmicks; there?s no such thing as a free lunch.

— Keep in mind big-city dealers operate on a different level than small-town dealers.

— The buying experience should be as pleasurable as the purchase.

— If your credit isn?t solid, consider finding a co-borrower, look for additional collateral or save for a down-payment; lenders will look at the person, payment potential and property or collateral.

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