Tabor College retention numbers set new high

Tabor College recorded its highest retention rate in several years for the spring semester, reaching 93.8 percent.

At the start of the school year, faculty and staff set a retention goal of 90.6 percent. Last year, retention was 86.1 percent, the lowest in years.

The anticipated enrollment by the end of February was 550.

One way officials explain the increased retention is through the annual Student Satisfaction Inventory.

The SSI measures ?importance? scores, the strength of students? expectations; ?satisfaction? scores, the levels of students? satisfaction; and ?gap? scores, the discrepancy between the importance and satisfaction scores.

According to the results, students felt the institution has a good reputation within the community. Students also believe the campus is safe and secure for all students and provides adequate opportunities for involvement in ministry.

A final area showed students feel academic advisors are approachable and concerned about students? success as individuals.

?The survey results indicate Tabor students are satisfied with what we consider our most marketable aspects: community, academic advisors and ministry opportunities,? Glenn Lygrisse, vice president for enrollment management, said. ?The survey also showed areas on which we can improve.?

He said by making slight changes in how they do business, they can increase student satisfaction in areas needing improvement and in turn increase enrollment and retention figures.

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