HHS forensics takes two firsts, one second

The Hillsboro High School forensics team received two first place finishes and one second place in three of its last four meets.

Following is a list of the meets and those who placed.

Abilene, Feb 5: Casey Reece, first, humorous solo; Jackie Grunau, second, humorous solo; Heidi Friesen, second, serious solo; Nicole Bodiford, third, informative; Casey Reece and Scott Isaac, third, interpretive duet acting; Heidi Friesen, fourth, poetry; Sara Berg, sixth, prose. The team placed second.

Marion, Feb. 17: Allison Dirks, first, prose; Andrea Luna, first, informative; Casey Reece, first humorous solo; Heidi Friesen, first, serious solo; Scott Isaac and Casey Reece, first, interpretive duet acting; Allison Dirks, second, oration; Nicole Bodiford, second, informative; Robyn Hiebert, second, extemporaneous speaking; Heidi Friesen, second, poetry; Grant Anderson, third, serious solo; Kristina Roble, fourth, prose; Adrien Bebermeyer, fourth, oration; Grant Anderson, fourth, humorous solo; Aislinn Conrad, fourth, serious solo; Andy Anderson and Adrien Bebermeyer, fourth, duet; Alisa Jost, fifth extemperaneous speaking; Kristina Roble, fifth, humorous solo; Scott Isaac, sixth, poetry; Caleb Dirks and Andy Anderson, seventh, interpretive duet acting. The team place first at the meet.

Berean Invitational, Feb. 19: Andrea Luna, first, informative; Heidi Friesen, first poetry; Casey Reece, first, humorous solo; Heidi Friesen, first, dramatic solo; Adrien Bebermeyer, second, oration; Scott Isaac, second, poetry; Kristina Roble, second, humorous solo; Andrea Luna, third, prose; Allison Dirks, fourth, oration; Robyn Hiebert, fourth, extemp; Grant Anderson, sixth, humorous solo; Hannah Forsythe, sixth, dramatic solo. The team placed first.

First- and second-place finishers qualified for state championships and third- and fourth-place finishers qualified for state festival.

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