City Council Recap

The following is a summary of the issues discussed and decisions made at the Feb. 15 regular meeting of the Hillsboro City Council. Those present were Mayor Delores Dalke, and council members Leonard Coryea, Wendell Dirks, Mike Padgett and Clariece Schroeder. The council:

— approved a franchise agreement with Sprint. The agreement was for five years with 5 percent of annual gross receipts from local exchange service to be paid to the city. Two more readings of the agreement will be held before it is voted on.

— approved the renewal of tax abatement for Container Services and Barkman Honey for another year.

— clarified the ordinance on use of the city building for Steve Tonn, county extension agent. Farm Management Association will not be allowed to use the rooms to meet with members one-on-one, but can hold occasional classes in the rooms.

— updated the official code for Hillsboro. The council will continue to look at ordinances needing to be changed throughout the year.

— approved a resolution regarding the waiver of general accepted accounting principles for the city?s audit. The resolution will save the city money on the audit.

— corrected a previous decision about the fence to be placed around the water plant. The amount approved for the project was incorrect. The council had approved $5,114.85 and the correct amount was $9,353.75.

— discussed the list of about 50 home-based businesses presented for consideration. Because of the difficulty in knowing where to draw the line, the council will ask Eric Strauss, planning and zoning consultant, to advise them at the next council meeting. The council agreed that it was ?ridiculous? to require a permit from some of the home businesses listed.

— authorized the mayor to sign the engineering contract to provide sewer service to new properties in Industrial Park. Dalke and Padgett will discuss with members of the Hillsboro Development Corp. how the organization sells lots so the city will know what expenses it will have for streets and utilities in the future.

— accepted the engineering contract for the renovation of D Street. They are hoping to have the work completed by the first of June.

— adopted a resolution encouraging the Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce to asking Congress to enact and the president to sign legislation authorizing governments to establish and collect sales tax on the Internet. It will be sent to government leaders at the state level along with resolutions from other cities.

— approved a pay raise to the 75th percentile for the city council. The mayor?s pay will be double the council?s. The last time the pay was changed was in 1991; meanwhile city employee wages increased 35 percent.

— approved an ordinance to adjust the base rate for sewer utility. It will increase $2.45 to cover the increasing costs. For the past two years, the cost was not covered by just under $30,000 and the shortfall had to be taken out of the capital improvement fund.

— approved a zoning ordinance establishing uniform front and rear yards in residential communities.

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